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Thomas Wallis has extensive experience in every facet of your business.

Whether you need a complete overhaul to compete in an ever-changing marketplace

or you just want to focus your efforts on improving one or two weak spots, Thomas Wallis can help.

Experience like Thomas' will steer you away from hidden minefields

and will protect you from missing key opportunities.

Brand New


Thomas Wallis can help you take your brand from square one to full blown success. Strategy is key and the details are essential. Thomas Wallis has experience at every stage, and knows every key ingredient. If full service is what you need, Thomas Wallis can provide it.

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the Apple


In the life of any brand, it becomes apparent that one element is not as good as it could be. It is not, however, always obvious how to fix it. Thomas Wallis excels at diagnosing a brand's issue and at correcting it. Your brand is too good not to give it every advantage.

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Now What?


Today, hot ideas pop up at every turn. But what makes them last? What can get a hot idea to market in a way that is profitable? And once you have one, what's next? Thomas Wallis knows and can help you navigate the inspiration-to-distribution waters successfully.

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Rebrand. Relaunch.


Want to take your historic brand off the shelf? A vintage brand reinvented can be a hit... if you do it right. Thomas Wallis can help you retool your brand so it is more than a sum of its parts, more than you expected it could be.

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