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Thomas Wallis has decades of experience in every aspect of bringing a brand to fruition. 

Perhaps your brand is doing well. But it could be doing better.

Let Thomas Wallis transform your brand by fortifying the weakest link.

And then the next one.      #brandmetamorphosis

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No matter what your brand needs, strategy is at the helm. Thomas Wallis has built a reputation as a keen strategist with the knowhow to put it into action. He prides himself on crafting solid strategies for every phase of your business.


In order to secure the right investors for robust financing, you need to be prepared. Thomas Wallis can open doors and make connections for you, but most importantly he will prepare you for success. Don't miss the opportunity because you are not ready.


Thomas Wallis specializes at building partnerships based on client needs. With decades of contacts, connections and a deft combination of intuition and experience, Thomas Wallis knows and can access all the right partners for your business.

Sourcing Talent

Over three decades, Thomas Wallis has worked with everyone in the business. He knows the best and who would be best for your brand. Thomas can keep you from kissing too many frogs before you find your Prince Charming.


Thomas Wallis, from his many years in the business, has relationships with the best designers in the world and the savvy to know which one is right for your brand, your budget and your goals. From Italy to North America to the Far East, Thomas can secure the best designer for you.

Product Development

From the designer to product development to the market. It's a dance Thomas Wallis knows in his sleep. The right fit between a designer and product development is critical to building your brand and Thomas knows how to make it work seamlessly.


Europe, the Far East, Eastern Europe and North America. No one knows better than Thomas Wallis where is best to develop your product with quality and profit in mind.


Thomas Wallis will develop the best sales strategy for your brand through partnerships and can put the right staff in place to keep it running well. Whether vertical or wholesale, specialty or department store, Thomas Wallis has the right formula for you.


Once your brand is well established, it may be time to license your name to maximize your business. Thomas Wallis knows when you're ready and how to get it done.

Marketing/Public Relations

Once you've got something to talk about, Thomas knows that sharing that message is key. A signature Wallis strategy with proper team development will help to determine when, how much and how often.

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